Analysing CCTV System storage methodologies for the modern age.

We live in a country where crime-statistics tend to hover at record highs.

In 2018 a total of 2.09 million crimes were recorded with the following categories showing increases year-on-year; Robbery at residential premises, robbery at non-residential premises, malicious injury to property, carjacking, commercial crime, common robbery, theft of motor vehicles and motorcycles. (read more, here)

Crime is an everyday reality and it has touched nearly every South African. Chances are you will be hard-pressed to find a person that has not personally been a victim, or knows someone that has been a victim of this scourge.

One way to take the fight to criminals and assist the police is to have an effective CCTV system in your home and/or business.

The KEY function of CCTV is to capture and reliably store the footage – and this is where you need to be smart in terms of the storage you choose.

Onsite or offsite?

There are usually two ways that CCTV footage is stored. These are:

  • Local storage: to on-site hard-drives and devices. The problem with this, of course, is that criminals can destroy incriminating footage by stealing or destroying the devices where footage is recorded.

The cost for this type of on-site storage (DVRs, PCs, SD cards and so on) is usually quite low but, as mentioned, it’s not a particularly effective way of securing the data recorded.

Without the data those cameras offer little but “the illusion of comfort”, the “illusion of control”.

  • Cloud storage: Data is always available and stored offsite – which makes it incorruptible, indestructible and always available to authorities should the need arise. It is important that you work with your security solutions provider to arrange the right type of off-site / cloud storage but any supplier worth their salt should be able to assist you in this regard.

The team at SecureRite Distributors  has more than 17 years’ experience in the security and access control industry, with a background in Electronics and Business Management.

We live in a country that demands action from its citizens to help win the crime battle. Get in touch with us today to discuss your CCTV and other security needs.

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