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Two Way Radios

Portable Two Way Radios

  • Zartek-Com-8-Super-Pack

    Zartek COM8 Super Pack Two Way Radio

    The Zartek COM8 Two Way Radio Superpack consists of two small two-way radios that are super compact and lightweight. Use it for long distance communication with a range for up to 5 km and indoors with a range of between 500m and up to 1km.


    Dimensions – 13.1 x 4.1 x 2.2 cm (Including antenna)

    Weight – 80g

    Batteries – Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Battery pack (700mAh)

    Charge Time – 4 hoursOperating time – Up to 20 Hours

    Channels – 968 (Com 8)

    Power Output – 500mW

    Tones – 38 CTCSS, 83 DCS

    Range Indoors – 500m to 1km

    Outdoors – 2 to 5 km

    Elevated Line-of-Sight – 5 to 20 km


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  • com8_twinpack

    Zartek COM8 Twin Pack

    Zartek COM8 Twin-Pack The Zartek handheld, licence-free radio is a multifunctional wonder. At credit card size, and weighing in at a meagre 67 grams, this portable communication device with rubber protective casing doubles as a handy baby monitor and FM radio tuner.

    PLL (Phase Lock Loop) Controlled Circuitry

    Ultra Slim size (22mm)Ultra light weight, 80g (inc. battery)

    8 UHF (Ultra High Frequencies) Frequencies

    38 Quiet (CTCSS-Continuous Tone Coded Sub-audible Squelch) Codes

    83 Quiet (DCS – Digital Code Squelch) Codes9

    68 channels 

    Compact and Rubberised Ideal for Light Duty Use, Hiking, Camping, Managers, Office


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  • pt8aa

    Zartek PT8 Two Way Radio

    The Zartek Two Way Radio PT8 is easy to use and gives you reliable and clear communication. The PT8 transceiver has 8 channels and a range of 5KM.

    Transmitter Power  500mW ERP

    Frequency Band
    Simplex UHF 446MHz

    FM Modulation  446.00625 ~ 446.09375 MHz

    Channels 304 (8 Frequencies): 38 CTCSS codes

    Range 300m – 500m indoors:

    1 – 4km outdoor flat

    5 – 10km elevated line-of-sight

    Weight 90g (inc. battery)

    Size 125mm (h) x 52mm (w) x 30mm (d)


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